Minke, RedBeen Dessert Bar!



ogura patbingsoo


well, the story of last night was I was lonely because all of my housemate went home to celebrate Ied Adha in their hometown. since my hometown is far away, in Bangka Belitung, I cannot celebrate it with my family. So, last night, I decided to went out to took fresh air. At first, I didn’t know where to go but suddenly I craved for something ‘sweet’. really, I ate a lot yesterday up until now. I have eaten 3 oranges, 1 glass of chocolate milk, 2 bars of berrygood, 1 plate of rice. see? >,< may be that is what we called PMS, huh?

Back to the story, I remember a place that sells all about red been. It is Minke! If you want to know more about Minke, you can search it in google ‘Minke Yogya’. I went there alone. Yes, ALONE! so I just order 1 ogura patbingsoo as I have had my dinner actually :p. when I wanted to order, I asked the waitress what are her recommendation? She said ogura patbingsoo, oreo patbingsoo, and green tea patbingsoo. My final choice was OGURA PATBINGSOO. yes, that is! actually they also selling dorayaki, matcha crepes, varieties of patbingsoo and also apple puff, french toast and many others. But of course you will always find red bean inside your dessert! That’s why I love Minke >,<. Ah! for the price, the range is start from 8K-30K. Mine, ogura patbingsoo costs 20K. quite expensive but really worth it. I suggest you to not come here right after lunch or dinner because you will really full.

when I saw ogura patbingsoo, I was really shock because of the portion till I asked the waiter, ‘was it always THIS much?’ and he smiled ‘Yes, miss‘. well I amazed, really. At first I am not sure I can finish it by myself BUT guess what I could finish it! HA! This patbingsoo consists of marshmallow, ogura ice cream(YOU HAVE TO TRY THIS ICE CREAM!), melon, strawberry, cornflakes, shaved iced, and of cource red bean. It tasted really good. really really good. >,< you better go there, now!

when I upload this picture to my path, many people comment and ask where it was. hehe well, I also suggest them to go there since Minke’s dessert was really good although I havent tried all of the menu. But for sure I go there again and try another menu. and I hope I will not alone. tehehehe ;D


New Post(Finally!)

Hi, there. How are you, buddies? 🙂

I did remember that I promised myself to wrote in this blog regularly, at least once or twice a week, right?. But… the realization was far away, huh? well, mianhe.. many organization, too much activities. tehehe But, (again), I will try to make this room of mine more colorful.

let me update my current life. since I am in 5th semester, actually I want to decrease my organizations and their activities. BUT as I have responsibilities, so I have to commit to them, right? that’s my own decision to join them. I join 3 organizations : student council of FISIPOL UGM (Human resources management’s staff), UGM buddy club, and AIESEC UGM. Now, I take part in winter XFair of AIESEC UGM. well, although in this project we are recruiting exchange participants from universities in Yogyakarta, it does take my time a lot. but, nevermine! I enjoy doing my project, now 🙂

In UGM buddy club, up until now, I am not too busy, except join weekly event, such as movie night, sport day, and next city tour! this organization made me met my new friend from french. her name is rivet manon. she is really beautiful! and of course I met all students from Japan, Korea, Germany, Thailand, Philippine, other countries! It was really fun!

and in dema,, since I am part of HRM, we have meetings every week with different agendas. dealing with people is not an easy job. especially, we are student organizations, and we, as HRM, have to make sure that all people in dema can get ‘something’ by join us. so, we are trying our best. 🙂

now, midterm will be coming soon~ nyaah~ and I will have very hectic days in this month. God please give me strength! But still I believe , I can pass this hectic month. yeey yeey spirit!!

ps : while I am writing this (new) post, Takbir is all in the air. Happy Ied Mubarok, guys! 😀




you are more than just bestfriend :”)

Camera 360

can’t you see their smile? her peace sign, her eye’s smile,,

such a long time, huh? we are together, three of us. time past so fast. Yet, I feel it just like yesterday, 8 years ago, 8 years ago I met you, guys. Introducing ourselves each other. Quarrel, sadness, tears, laugh, happiness,  we went through all of  that.

I cant say no other words but thank you.. thank you very much for your love for me, thank you very much for all of your advice for me, thank you very much for the strength, thank you for always beside me when I am need you, guys. thank you…

you, guys my girls, are more than just bestfriend for me :”””

Knitting dreams

I bet everyone has dreams that they hope one day, their dream will come true. We went through that process since we were young, right? Knitting dreams… Somebody want to be a pilot, another one want to be an astronaut, doctor, and many other professions. Well as time passed by, maturity grows too, huh? then We start to rethink again the dreams and trying to match it to our conditions, now. we start to re knit it into another shapes. Some of us parse whole of thread, one of us just parse half of it and start to knit it again, but it can be possible if one of us decide to stop knit it.

So? Which one do I do, now?

I did it many times till i could not count it anymore. And I barely count how many times did i have to parse my dream and knit it again. Ever i had to open all of the thread and trying to knit it again though I had to convince myself to knit it again, again, and again..

Now, God wants me to enjoy every single crochet that I make, without knowing what will happen in the future. Should I re do it again or I just can finish it and it turn to be my future? who knows?


time passes so fast, huh?

yesterday, i just started my life as a colleger, yet now, i’m not anymore 😦

a little bit sad, but life must going on and it has going on.

masa lalu adalah kenangan, masa depan adalah rahasia, dan hari ini adalah UAS!

UAS ~(-_-)~ UAS membuatku tenggelam di antara kertas-kertas. well, tapi gak papa. liburan udah di depan mata.

itu artinya bakalan bisa kumpul lagi bareng mama papa.. aamiinn moga-moga IP semester ini naik dibanding semester kmrn. aamiin aamiin aamiin.

sekarang lanjut belajar!



Cacar ?!?



gak tau kenapa udah beberapa hari ini di tanganku muncul bintik kecil kayak gitu. dan bintiknya berair pula. gatalnya luar biasa 😦 

gak banyak sih dan mudah-mudahan gak nambah banyak >,<

awalnya temen bilang gini sewaktu belajar bareng karena besoknya mau UAS

“kmu biduran deh kayaknya, ris. coba deh kmu minum susu b*ar brant. ato gak susu ultra buat netralin racun mungkin”

jadilah aku beli susu malem itu juga. karena susu b*ar brant harganya lumayan mahal, jadinya aku beli susu ultra plain. dan sampe sekarang belum ada reaksinyaa TT^TT. tetep aja bintiknya gatal dan makin berair.

yang bikin agak kaget sekaligus takut itu, sewaktu selese UAS ada temen yang bilang

“kayaknya kamu kena cacar deh, ka. aku juga dulu gitu soalnya. kmu udah pernah kena cacar?”

dan dengan innocent aku jawab belum dan memang BELUM. aaaa >,< #panik tingkat nasional

emang sih KATANYA, setiap orang pasti kena sakit cacar sekali seumur hidup, tapi kan.. tapi kan.. >,< uuu #speechless #guling-guling


akhirnya, karena gak tega ngeliat aku sengsara gk berdaya buat nahan gak garuk bintiknya, kak ayu nawarin buat nganterin ke puskesmas dulu besok pagi. mudah-mudahan cuma alergi biasa. aamiin