melewati batas penghalang,

menerkam bayangan,

memaki dan memarahinya,

aku benci padamu!


menyimpan sakit dan air mata,

menumpahkannya dalam pelukan pilu dan luka,

menjahit sesak yang merobek asa,

sakit! Baca lebih lanjut


new debut as a college student #ProkProkProk

hi, long time no post in you, my lovely blog. You know, i’m no longer an unschooling girl. tehehehe

i’m one of students of politics and government department of Gadjah Mada University, now. #prokprokprok

finally…., after such a long waiting time., a long journey to achieve the main goal( ehm actually it’s not) but i’m happy with my choise and i enjoy my life as a college student, now.. 😀

last week, i have finished my PPSMB or you can say it OSPEK (?). it was tiring. really. i still can’t believe that i am hale and healthy till now though i get flu and cough just two days ago. it toke almost all of my sleep time till i could see dark circle around my eyes. met many new friends with different characters and did many things together. That time, i will treasure it forever 😀

being a college student is a tough one you know. -3- everyday i bring many things to do at home. leave early at the morning, finished it at late noon, locking myself inside my room with uncountable paper everywhere and almost everyday! back then i still have time to meet my best friend at least to share a cup of tea and moments together. but now, i haven’t visit her yet after PPSMB. i’m sorry wardah, findaa ><

i know, this is the one that i want, i tried to enjoy it and i enjoy it now!

but i have one wish. at least i will try to make sometime to write in this blog. insyaallah 🙂

and i will do my best ><//