Cap Cay a la Riska :P

Holla, such a long time since my last posting, huh? Duh so sorry. Too many activities made me forgot to wrote in this beautiful blog. Khekhe


This time, I come bringing new recipe for them who love veggie or may be you have problem with your digestion? If that is the problem, then you can try this at home.  I did so many experiments till I can find the right taste for this cooking. But thanks God, after the 4th experiment, I can say it has good taste, my taste actually, confindently . so here it is…


Broccoli . . . . as many as you want or you can use kembang kol instead of broccoli

Carrots  . . . . 1-2 small carrots

Small tahu sumedang . . . as many as you want or mushroom may be?



Oyster sauce . . . half of the smallest pack

fish sauce . . . 1-2 spoon



Pepper, salt, and a few of sugar

How to make it?

1. cut the broccoli into small pieces but not too small, please

2. do the same with the carrot, you can slice it into thin layer like I did. Wash all of them in the clean water. make sure you clean it right

3. peel the onions and garlic. usually I use 2 garlic and 1 onions. wash and slice it as thin as you can.

4. heat the pan and add 1-2 spoon of cooking oil. put in the garlic and onions. fry them till you can smell it.

5. add tahu sumedang, broccoli, and the carrot. add amount of water. boil them

6. add pinch of salt, pepper (I use much of pepper :P), sugar, fish sauce, and last but not least the oyster sauce!

7. mix them and wait till the water reduce and absorbed by the veggie

8. dont forget to taste it before you serve it 😛

and its done~ tadaaaaa this is my Cap Cay. hoho it looked delicious, didn’t it?? well, indeed >^<




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