Knitting dreams

I bet everyone has dreams that they hope one day, their dream will come true. We went through that process since we were young, right? Knitting dreams… Somebody want to be a pilot, another one want to be an astronaut, doctor, and many other professions. Well as time passed by, maturity grows too, huh? then We start to rethink again the dreams and trying to match it to our conditions, now. we start to re knit it into another shapes. Some of us parse whole of thread, one of us just parse half of it and start to knit it again, but it can be possible if one of us decide to stop knit it.

So? Which one do I do, now?

I did it many times till i could not count it anymore. And I barely count how many times did i have to parse my dream and knit it again. Ever i had to open all of the thread and trying to knit it again though I had to convince myself to knit it again, again, and again..

Now, God wants me to enjoy every single crochet that I make, without knowing what will happen in the future. Should I re do it again or I just can finish it and it turn to be my future? who knows?


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