i don’t what happened to me, really.. when I saw bread, cakes, chocolates, or everything sweets, I could hear my heartbeat. For God’s sake, it happened as if i’m falling in love. but not to a person, but SWEETS!!

‘am I normal?’ i ever asked that question to my kost-sister  and she laughed.

well you know my heart skip a beat for something ‘sweets’ rather than a good-looking man!

I didn’t know exactly when this habit start from, but i realized ‘that’ feeling when i was in 3rd class of junior high school. such a long time, huh? Actually at a time, I ever though to continue my education to  vocational school and toke patissier class but when i rethink again, I chose to continue to senior high school.

but then i couldn’t ignore this feeling. i started to assume that i toke the wrong path, that my true passion wasn’t international relations or politics department but a patissier! I have big dreams, one of that is to have my own bakery, and i had told that to my parents. you know what my parents said?

‘for know, try to just focus on your college, dad and mom will not ban you to achieve you dreams, no! but you have to know what’s your priority, now. God always hide His true plan behind another plan”

my dad is great, huh? well he IS! He is the best dad EVER! love you, daddy :’) and of course my mom too ^^

now, when my desire started wave me out of my priority, i would recall my dad’s word. again, again, and again. I know, if I really want to become a patissier, i don’t have a compulsory to take the patissier class too, rather than i can train myself. hehe

cause God always hide His true plan behind another plan, right? ^^


Midterms finished!! ulaalaa~

finally after almost 2 weeks of midterms, thanks God it have finished!

>< and noww it’s my free time!! wohooo

i hope i could get the best for my first midterms. aamiin~

cuss maenn hohoho