Cap Cay a la Riska :P

Holla, such a long time since my last posting, huh? Duh so sorry. Too many activities made me forgot to wrote in this beautiful blog. Khekhe


This time, I come bringing new recipe for them who love veggie or may be you have problem with your digestion? If that is the problem, then you can try this at home.  I did so many experiments till I can find the right taste for this cooking. But thanks God, after the 4th experiment, I can say it has good taste, my taste actually, confindently . so here it is… Baca lebih lanjut


spice spagetti with tempe!

i made this about two days ago. khekhekhe i was so hungry that day but all i had in my refrigerator were untouched instant pasta, tempe, some onions, dried chili, and blackpepper. so, because i couldn’t hold my starving then i used all that i had.

in the end, this was what i could do with the leftover ingredients



jjang! spicy spagetti with tempe! i had my mom to taste it too. and my mom said “hm!not bad” hahaha i don’t know whether she said the truth or not, but.. i just could not waste the ingredients. they are so precious! many people out there died because of starving! and also do you know that food waste can harm our environment?

even the using of leftover ingredients can save the environment!