Kedai Mamo

well, first, let me say happy new year to all of you, guys. unconsciously a year had passed (again), huh? yet I didn’t thing I have gain any one of my goals. but that’s why I committed to make revolutions this year.

back to this post.

yesterday, I took my part in a quiz to got free  food and drink voucher  at @kedaimamo. yes, this restaurant is a new comer in yogya’s culinary so that’s why the held this quiz. you can say that this is one of their promotion. this quiz will give the voucher  just for the first 200 tweet. it’s quite easy, right. the fastest one, they will get one. Thanks God I one of that lucky customers.

as they send the voucher via DM or direct message on twitter, so we just have to show it to the cashier when we have done eating. because we can order one food and one drink only, I ordered Special Nasi Kebuli because tagline of this restaurant is Cita Rasa Masakan Timur Tengah. so I think that was the best choice. for drink I just ordered strawberry juice.

my Nasi Kebuli arrived first then my strawberry juice. My first impressions for this rice is so so-so. sorry but I said you the truth. the Nasi Kebuli served at quite big plate where they placed the rice in the middle of the plate. for the dish, they served 3 emping, super small meat curry? 6 small pieces of meat and acar. FYI, the price for this Special Nasi Kebuli is 18K. it’s quite expensive if you compared it with the taste and the small portion. the strawberry juice? aw this really made me disappointed, I thought they just use 2 small strawberries to made this juice because it just tasted of water, slickly milk, and strawberry and ices. I swear, strawberry juice in Bonbin is much much better.

in conclusion,  may be because we are ‘special’ costumer, so they served us with that taste or may be they are the real one? :O

well I just hope may be next time when I visit again this restaurant, the taste will improve. I hope so

IMG_20140105_162358[1]this is the picture of Special Nasi Kebuli