stress out

i knew, i could not keep my own promise. and I was really sorry. I remembered last posting I swore to myself that I would spare my time to wrote in my blog. but the fact that i couldn’t keep my own promise made me ashamed of myself.

You know, I am in my first semester of college. I STILL can’t manage my time properly. well NOT YET. fussy small things. erggh i hate this part of me. i know i’m learning many new things that i can’t understand it yet. but i keep complaining small things. I wanna tell you a truth…

i cried one night because i couldn’t find A TOPIC for my take home test. well, it just cause of TOPIC but i had hard time at that time. when i reach my home, i cannot hold my tears and i cried. a lot.  for the God’s sake i cried for almost one hour. well as the result the day after, i woke up with a very big swollen eyes. -__-

after that, i decided to call my papa. told him my problems, told him that i had hard time in this semester. i told him everything. my papa clam me down. he told me to rest for a while. papa advised me to enjoyed every assignment. don’t take it as a burden, enjoy it as a part of our obligations.. and thanks to my papa i can revived again. thank you paaa (y) love you so much. a ton of love for you..

then i ask my best friend to accompany me for just one night. we drove around yogya, enjoy the night life of yogyakarta, it’s soo amazing. we went to KFC to look for floats, but they said it had sold out. well then at 11 pm, we went to a ‘burjo’ near the ex-house of my best friend and enjoyed a bowl of ‘bubur kacang hijau’.

and guess what, we arrived at my home at 12pm. tehehe but i really happy. for the fist time i went home at midnight. such an unforgettable night..

np: special thanks to wardah :). thank you for everything :’)


2 thoughts on “stress out

  1. hidup itu terlalu indah buat diisi oleh air mata dan penyesalan semata
    kamu hanya belum terbiasa sama ritme kampus dan kuliah aja kok, Ris
    lama-lama, insya Allah, kamu bakal beradaptasi
    semangat yaaaaa, sayang ^^

    keep smile and be strong! ingat kamu selalu punya Allah, dan orang-orang yang mencintaimu :”

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